We built TPC on top of what we call Views. They are the heart and soul of TPC. They provide unprecedented flexibility when it comes to working on surveys, yet they are simple to understand and use.

Views are centered round logical tasks, helping you organize your survey data and streamline your work. You do your drawings in the Drawing View. You check lot closures in the Closure View and enter vertical curves in the Vertical Curve View.

 Each View displays its own menu and tool bars, making them context sensitive, efficient and easy to use. Expose just the data you want. That's why TPC Desktop is Better by Design.


Traverse ManagerSome Views help you manage your survey data. These views are found in TPC Desktop's Manage menu and Navigation toolbar. They can be docked anywhere on the desktop where they provide handy access to the data they manage.

You'll find managers for Surfaces, Drawings or Traverses, Points, Point Codes, Drawing Data and Tasks.


Other views in TPC Desktop expose a specific type of survey data. These views are found in TPC Desktop's Windowand the Navigation toolbar. They can be manually resized, tiled, cascaded or tabbed. As you work on your survey, you typically move these windows around, rearranging them inorder to do what you are doing more efficiently.

You'll find windows that display a drawing, report, traverse, traverse closure and vertical curves.

Traverse ViewThe Traverse View is a good example. It exposes the traverse you double click in the Traverses manager. To switch to a different traverse, just double click it.

Customizing Views

TPC displays the Customize dialog.


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