TPC uses Whatlists in many of its dialogs to allow you to select different types of data from a variety of views and managers through-out TPC. You will find Whatlists in COGO dialogs, the Relabel Points dialog, the Convert Coordinates dialog, the Insert Existing Points dialog and etc.


Here are some of the options you will see in the What list.

Entire Survey

Includes all points in the current survey

Entire Traverse

Includes only the points from the entire traverse

Tagged items in Traverse Manager

Includes only the points from the tagged (checked) traverses in the Traverse Manager

Selected items in Traverse Manager

Includes only the points from the selected traverses in the Traverse Manager

Entire Drawing

Includes points from the currently opened drawing in the Drawing View

Selected items in Point Manager

Includes all the selected points from the Point Manager

Selected Objects in Drawing View

Include all the appropriate survey data referenced by the selected drawing objects.

Let's say you select 3 point symbols in a drawing then rotate the selected drawing objects. TPC selects the 3 survey points referenced by those point symbols and rotates those 3 survey points. Of course, when the drawing is updated, the point symbols move to the new rotated position of their survey points.  Let's say that you select a traverse line. In this case, TPC selects the 2 survey points at either end of the line and rotates them.

Note: As a rule, you will find that the number of survey points affected is often times less than the number of drawing objects selected. This is because different drawing objects like a point symbol and a point label all reference the same survey point.

Side Effects of Selecting Some Items

When you select an itme from the What list, TPC selects the associated survey data for the operation. As a result, when the operation is completed, that data may still be selected.

So for example, if you choose Selected Drawing Objects or Tagged Traverses from the What list, once the operation is completed, you will probably see those points selected in the Points Manager.