Data (View) Report

Any View in TPC, including the Traverses Manager, Traverse View, Points Manager, Vertical Curve View and Point Codes Manager, can generate a report for its data and append it to the current Report View.

When TPC reports the data in the view it reproduces all the columns in a table and includes a row for each item in the view. This will look like the printout from any spread sheet program.

Editing the Report

Report data is just text and the Report View is just a word processor. You can cut, copy or paste existing text, enter new text, delete text you don't want and so on. So you can edit the report data however you want. You can even spell check the report once you are finished editing it.

Appending to the Current Report View

To append the data from this view to the current Report View, choose Tools | Print | Append (item name) to Report View. TPC appends the items from the view to the end of the current report.

If your Edition of TPC Desktop does not include the Report View, choose View | Append (item name) to Message View.