Closure View

The Closure View reports the traverse closure for it's traverse. The Closure View has two purposes:

First, it summarizes the current traverse, or a portion of the current traverse and shows:

Second, it provides the tools for balancing the entire traverse or a portion of the traverse and will:

By now, you have probably noticed that of your data -- all the time. The Closure View is no exception. You see how the errors are computed, and you decide what gets balanced and how.

Closure Types

You can set the closure type by choosing Edit | Closure Settings and left clicking the Closure type tab.

Distance and Direction Types

The Closure View displays data based on the Distance and Direction types selected for that traverse. The types are listed immediately under the Closure View heading at the top.

Distance Units

The distance units displayed in the Closure View are determined by the traverse units.  You set these in the Advanced tab of the Traverse View Format dialog.


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