The translation dialog box can be accessed both from the Traverses Manager, Traverse View, Points Manager or Drawing View. From the Traverses Manager it gives you the option to translate All Traverses or Selected Traverses. Accessed from the Traverse View or Points Manager, you can only translate All Points or Selected Points. Accessed from the Drawing View, you can only translate the Entire Survey.

Specifying the Translation

There are four ways to specify a translation using this dialog box.

Translating the Survey

Every point in the survey will be translated by the amounts shown in the Move Y, X and Z fields. Protected points will not be translated unless you choose [X] Protected points.

Translating Selected Traverses

Translating a Single Traverses in Drawing View

Translating a Single Traverse in the Traverse View

Translating the Selected Points

Grid vs Geodetic

The Translation dialog requires the distance and direction types to match.

This is because TPC provides the option to translate by distance and direction. Using this option, TPC computes a geodesic foresight that is the requested distance and direction from the point specified in the From field. The coordinated difference between these two points is the differential X, Y used for the translation.


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