Entering Equations

You can recall data using existing points and entering equations. For instance, to recall the bearing between points 11 and 12, type 11..12 in the bearing field and press [Enter]. To recall the elevation of point BM14, type BM14 in the elevation field and press [Enter].

You can also add, subtract, multiply and divide using recalled data. For instance, to recall half the distance between points 11 and 12, type 11..12/2 or 11..12*.5 in the distance field and press [Enter].

You can use an equation any place you would normally enter a distance, bearing, elevation or coordinate.

How Equations Work

COGO Dialogs

Beginning in TPC Desktop 2011, the equations use the Distance and Direction type specified in the dialog when parsing an equation.

For example, if you enter an equation for direction and the dialog is set to True Bearing, TPC will inverse and return the True Bearing from the equation.

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