Point Symbol Dialog

These settings apply to an individual Point Symbol in a drawing. Changes you make to this point symbol affect just this drawing. Changing the point symbol in this dialog is not the same as modifying the survey point properties.

To change the point symbol in all drawings


Turns the Point symbol on and off.


Select the color you want TPC to use for the Point symbol.

Point Symbol

Select the Point Symbol and size.


Select a symbol from the object library and add it to the symbol list. Once added, it can be used by any drawing in the survey.

Rotation Angle

Enter the rotation angle of the symbol.

Point Group

This group of fields displays the Point Label, Description and coordinates of the survey point referenced by this point symbol. This information is provided for you convenience. You can however, modify the description of the point from this dialog.


You will return to the Drawing View and your new settings will be in use when you click OK.


Returns you to the Drawing View without applying any changes.