Learning Guides

TPC provides step-by-step instructions in what we call Learning Guides. These are available as PDF files from inside TPC Desktop or you can order printed learning guides from Traverse PC at (800) 460-3002.

The Learning Guides are organized by topics (chapters) like, "Importing Data From a Data Collector".  In each chapter, you'll find a list of common tasks that you can work through on your own in about 15 minutes. When you're finished, you'll have a pretty good idea of how to use TPC for the topic you selected. There are dozens of topics to choose from, but you don't have to do them all at once. 

Accessing the Learning Guides

You can access the learning guides from the Task Manager.


This is a short introduction to TPC Desktop, how it is organized and what it does. You can read through this in just a few minutes and walk away with an overview of TPC.

Adjustments Learning Guide

Learn about adjusting coordinates and angles.

Alignments Learning Guide

Learn about profiles, horizontal curves and vertical curves.

Cadastral Learning Guide

If you used TPC Desktop for cadastral surveys on the Public Lands Survey System, this learning guide is for you. It walks you through some of the on-line videos on this same topic. Watch the videos to get a feel for how TPC works with the PLSS, then sit down and tackle the topics in this learning guide that are of interest to you.

Closure Learning Guide

Learn how to check closure. You'll also learn how to change the closure type, closure points and tolerance.

COGO Learning Guide

Learn how to use COGO routines like Rotate and Translate, create automatic setbacks and COGO setbacks.

Drawing Learning Guide

In this learning guide, you'll find topics related to drawing in TPC. Learn how to manage drawings, start a drawing with a template, insert a line table or legend, zoom in and out in a drawing and lots more.

If you are switching from CAD to TPC for you drafting, this is a very important learning guide. We recommend that you not skip any chapter. Do them all and you'll take right off on your first drawing.

Geodetic Learning Guide

If you plan on doing geodetic computations in TPC Desktop, you'll want to take a look at this learning guide. In addition to the step-by-step instructions found in all the learning guides, you'll find a general tutorial on how TPC does geodetics.

Import / Export Learning Guide

Learn how to import and export data.

Least Squares Learning Guide

Learn how to do a Least Squares Network Adjustment.

Plat Check Learning Guide

Learn how to check plats from CAD files.

Point Codes Learning Guide

Learn how to use point codes to sort your points into traverses and draw your map.

Quick View Learning Guide

Learn about Quick View concepts like Traverse and Drawing Settings. Also learn about Quick View objects like legends and table.s

Surfaces Learning Guide

Learn how to generate surfaces, add a border and edit breaklines.

TPC Desktop Learning Guide

Learn how to use the desktop views and managers, change the desktop layout and customize toolbars and menus.

Traverses Learning Guide

Learn how to format traverse views, enter record and field data, close and adjust a traverse plus lots of ways to create traverses.