Entering Point Labels and Descriptions

Using Alpha/Numeric Point Labels

With TPC you can number your points or use any combination of letters and numbers. In TPC, point numbers are just labels, so it doesn’t make any difference whether you use 120 or C1 for a point label.

Note: Any point label that is four characters or less takes the same amount of memory to store. The only memory advantage to using numbers is that large numbers (more than four digits) can be stored with only four bytes of memory, while long alpha point labels take a byte for each character.

Automatic Numbering

TPC automatically labels points that are added to the Traverse View by incrementing the point labels. Here are some examples:

Changing the Automatic Labeling Sequence

Enter the new label for the last point in the traverse. Any new points appended to the traverse will increment the new label.

Recalling an Existing Point

Using Ranges of Point Numbers

You may want to use ranges of point numbers for different kinds of points. The most common system is to use point numbers below 100 for control points and point numbers above 100 for topo or side shots.

Entering a Single Description

Copying Point Descriptions to Appended Points

Often times when collecting data, you will pick up points in groups. You’ll pick up several top of curb shots before switching to a shot on a manhole. In these situations, it is nice to copy the description of the last traverse point to new traverse points as they are created. This reduces the amount of typing you have to do.

As TPC appends points to a traverse, the description of the last traverse point is automatically copied to the appended point if Copy Descriptions is selected in the Traverse View Format.

If you don’t want the new point to have the copied description, just type over the old description with the new one.

Disabling Automatic Copy

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