Control Point Settings

Control Point Settings are part of the Traverse Drawing Settings TPC uses to draw your survey for you.  They are used to draw all occupied points, backsights, foresights and Points-of-Intersection. Side shots and offsets are drawn with the Side Shot Settings.

Control Points do the Line Work in a Drawing

One way to think about Control Point Settings is that they do most of the line work in a typical drawing. If you want to draw the centerline of a road, create a traverse for it and set the Control Point Settings for the traverse the way you want the centerline drawn. Choose the linetype, symbol, color and labels you want to include for the alignment in the drawing and let the Control Point Settings draw them for you.

As you create drawings, you will use Control Point Settings to draw lines like fences, buildings and boundaries. Pick the line type and symbol you want and TPC will 'connect the dots' using the squence of points in the traverse. Insert a Gap to create spaces in the line work like when a ditch line going through a driveway cuvert.

You will also use them to draw features like trees and power poles that aren't connected by lines in the drawing.

Changing Control Point Settings From a Drawing

Changing Control Point Settings From the Traverses Manager

Changing Control Point Settings for Multiple Traverses in the Traverses Manager

You can select multiple traverses in the Traverses Manager then change the Traverse Drawing Settings for just one of the selected traverses and TPC will apply the settings to all of the selected traverses.

Adding Your Own Symbols

Any symbol in TPC's Object Library can be used as a point symbol, even blocks you create yourself. Find out more about adding your own symbols.

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