Label Reading Orientation

In the Miscellaneous drawing settings, you can specify the label reading orientation for traverse line labels, curve labels, labels of lines you draw manually, lot labels and point labels.

TPC will orient every label so that it reads left to right when you hold of the top of the page, the left side of the page or the right side of the page. Pretty neat!

Many of you have asked for finer control over how TPC applies labels to objects. Youre already letting TPCs Quick View do the lions share of the drafting for you and you wanted it to go all the way with this one.

And while we were at it, we made label reading orientation also accounts for drawing rotation. Rotate a drawing so that North is down instead of up and TPC will flip lot labels and line labels so that they still read from Top Only, Top and Left or Top and Right.

Top Only (the current default)

This is the way TPC has labeled objects forever. Looking at the drawing, every label reads from the top. Sometimes you might tilt your head a little to the left or to the right, but you can read them all.

Top and Left

This option orients labels to they read left to right while holding up either the left side or the top of the drawing. Preference is given to the top, so only labels that are mostly vertical are oriented to the left side of the page. 

Top and Right

This option is just like Top and Left except it orients labels that are mostly vertical to the right side of the page.

Table References

Even table references adhere to the orientation. We put all the line labels in a table in this drawing.

 Rotated Drawings

As you rotate a drawing, TPC is smart enough to rotate the lot labels with the drawing to the point where they still look right and are readable. At some point, however, 170 to 190, the labels switch to reading upside down. That's when TPC makes the change and flips the labels from upside down to right side up.

In the Advanced Traverse Settings dialog, TPC provides options to rotate lot and point labels with the drawing or have them stay horizontal to the page regardless of the drawing's rotation.

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