Stacked Label Orientation

Stacked labels can be oriented Parallel or Perpendicular to their lines or Horizontal or Vertical relative to the page.

All stacked labels are created  using the stacked label format and positioned above, below, inside or outside based on the label format.


The label is oriented parallel to and center justified horizontally about the mid-point of the line segment.


 The label is oriented pependicular to the direction of the line at it's mid-point.

Currently, TPC places either the top or the bottom of the stacked text at this mid point. It can't currenly place the vertical center of the stacked text at this point.

The label will be justified Left or Right, depending on which side of the line it is on so that all the items in the label are as near as possible to the line.


The label is oriented horizontally to the page, regardless of drawing rotation.


The labe lis oriented vertically to the page, regardless of drawing rotation.

Stacked Parallel vs Aligned

You can format labels so that a stacked label oriented parallel to a line looks identical to an aligned label with line breaks. For example, the stacked label H\B oriented parallel to a line would create the same label that the aligned label H\B would create. This is just a small area of overlap between stacked vs aligned. We mention here just so that you are aware of it.

TPC does not currently support line breaks (\) in aligned curve or spiral labels.

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