Label Style

When you label traverse lines in TPC, you can choose from three styles. Auto, Aligned or Stacked.

Label Formats

In TPC, Aligned and Stacked labels have their own label formats. You'll find these formats in their respective Label Format dialogs. So specify the format you want for aligned labels and specify a different format for stacked labels.


TPC formats the aligned label, then measures to see if it will fit on the line. If the label fits, TPC draws the label aligned. If the label does not fit, TPC draws the label stacked, using the stacked label format.


If you insert a line or curve table into TPC and set it's style to Auto, TPC will place any labels that do not fit their line segments into the table instead of stacking them next to the line.

Large Drawings

Measuring each label to see if it fits on a line takes time. For large drawings (lots of traverse labels), this can slow down the rendering speed of the drawing. The Aligned and Stacked styles do not measure each label for fit, so the drawing will render more quickly.


Aligned labels are placed next to the line and parallel to it. TPC positions the label so that it is centered at the midpoint of the line, curve or spiral.


Stacked labels are placed near to their respective lines using the orientation you specify (Parallel, Perpendicular, Horizontal or Vertical) in their Label Format dialog.

The nearest corner of the stacked label is anchored to the line. If you edit the label so that it's size changes, it will expand or contract away from or back toward this anchored corner.

Modifying Text or Position Locks the Style

When you modify the text (go to the Properties dialog and change the text itself) or the position (drag-n-drop the label) TPC locks in the style. To unlock the style, you need to reset the modified attributes of the label.

So what does this mean?  Let's say you asked TPC created the aligned label "120.45' N3513'30"E" and it fits on the line. You then modified the text to read "120.45' N3513'30"E  [120.00']". Even if the modified text, which is now longer, doesn't fit on the line, TPC won't change to a stacked label because that would modify the text. Instead, TPC locks the style to aligned.

Now let's say you put the distance above the line and the direction below, then modified the distance label to "120.45'  [120.00']". Even if this new distance label doesn't fit on the line, TPC will leave both the labels above and below the line aligned because you modified the text of one of them.

Stacked Label Orientation

Stacked labels can be oriented Parallel, Perpendicular, Horizontal or Vertical.

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