Point Symbols

Chances are you are going to use point symbols in your drawing. Point symbols help identify the feature you tied, the monument you set and so on. TPC includes extensive point symbol support right out of the box.

Using TPC's Object Library

TPC supplies hundreds of point symbols right out of the box in what we call our Object Library. You'll find BLM corners, traffic symbols, point symbols and more.

To look at the object library, from Drawing View choose Insert | Blocks. Use the dialog to browse through the symbols folder and see what's there. You can Cancel without inserting a block.

Changing the Symbols a Traverse Draws

For the most part, you do not insert symbols into a drawing with TPC. You change the control point settings and let the traverses draw the symbols for you. If you grew up using CAD, this is quite a change for you. See Drawing View vs CAD.

Editing Point Symbols

Once a symbol is inserted you can edit the block reference which changes the way the block is drawn for that one drawing object. You can also edit the block, which changes the way every drawing object that references that block is drawn.

Adding Your Own Point Symbols

Adding your own point symbols can be as easy as browsing to a block file and adding it to the symbol list. TPC also has options for extracting symbols (blocks) for existing CAD files.

Globally Over-riding Symbols

You can tell TPC to globally over-ride a symbol so that it is always drawing the same way in all drawings. You might do this for a quarter corner or section corner you plan to reference in more than one drawing.

User Defined Symbols

You can edit the symbols TPC uses, change a symbol size or the name that TPC displays in the legend. TPC stores you changes in the UserSymbols.dat file in the program data folder.

Hiding Symbols You Don't Use

You can hide symbols you don't use by editing the UserSymbols.dat file and beginning any line you want to hide with a minus sign '-'. These symbols are still available to any drawing that references them, but they do not show up in the pull down list of symbols. See Point Symbols Syntax.

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