Rotating a Drawing on the Page

You can rotate the survey on the page so that the drawing better fits the page. The page itself can be in landscape (wide) or portrait (tall) mode. Once rotated, you can still drag-n-drop the survey anywhere on the page.

Alternate Method

When you save a survey, each drawing stores its own rotation value along with the other drawing settings.

Survey Space vs. Paper Space

When you rotate a drawing, only the survey objects are rotated, and they are rotated about the center of the survey. If you rotate a paper space text object, for instance, it rotates only by the amount specified for the object. If you rotate a survey space text object, it rotates by the amount specified for that object plus the drawing rotation.

Survey Labels

Survey labels are things like line labels, lot labels and point labels. These get special consideration when you rotate a drawing. As a rule, TPC is free to re-orient these labels as you rotate the survey.

For example, if you rotate a survey more than 90 degrees either direction, TPC will re-orient the lot labels so they can be read from the top of the page. Point labels work much the same.

Traverse line labels, however, are controlled by the traverse direction, whether or not you have reversed the direction and whether or not you have manually reversed the direction of an individual label. As you rotate the drawing, TPC will re-orient these labels to retain the rules that govern them in an un-rotated drawing.

Rotating Objects with the Drawing

Objects like north arrows can be automatically rotated to match the drawing rotation.

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