Traverse Line Direction Labels

When you tell TPC to label a traverse line with a direction label (bearing or azimuth), TPC follows basic rules to determine how to create the label.

  1. Direction and distance labels are oriented on the page so that the read left to right from some combination of the top of the page and the left or right sides.
  2. Directions are generated in the direction of the traverse (default) but can be reversed for the entire traverse.
  3. Individual direction labels generated for a traverse can be manually reversed.

This topic discusses these options in more detail.

Orienting Traverse Line Direction Labels

By default, traverse direction labels are oriented so they read left to right when holding up the north edge of the drawing.

While this works well for labels that are mostly horizontal, it may not result in what you want for labels that are mostly vertical. For these labels, you can specify that labels also read left to right when you hold up either the left side of the drawing or the right side.

To change the orientation of direction labels for the entire drawing,

  1. choose Tools | Drawing Settings and left click the Miscellaneous tab.
  2. From the Read Line Labels Left to Right field, select the option you want. See Label Reading Orientation.

Reversing Direction Labels for a Traverse

By default, traverse lines are labeled in the direction of the traverse. Even if a survey line is used in another traverse in the reverse order (i.e. PT to PC instead of PC to PT), TPC looks at the direction the points are used in the traverse and uses that direction to label the traverse line.

To reverse this direction, turn on [x] Reverse next to the Direction field in either the Control Point or Side Shot tabs of the Traverse Drawing Settings dialog.

Reversing Individual Direction Labels

To reverse the bearing / azimuth of an individual direction label, Right click the label and choose Reverse Direction Label.

To switch back to the original direction label, right click the label and choose Reset Direction Label.

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