Surface Borders

Each surface can have an optional border. The border defines the limits of a surface. Only the topo points that lie within the border are used to generate the surface. Those topo points that lie outside the border are not included. A border is always defined by a traverse.

As a result, the border affects the shape of the surface. You can edit the border so that its shape matches the physical surface you are modeling. The closer the border matches the actual shape in the field, the more accurate the contours, volumes and slope analysis.

Border Options

Changing the Border Traverse

To change the border traverse used by a surface,

Removing a Border

Editing the Border

You can add points to the border and delete points from the border right inside the Drawing View. Editing the border graphically and with the Manual Re-compute toggle turned off lets you see the effects of your changes as you make them. This is a great way to refine the border shape and resulting surface.

Once you have the surface the way you want it, return to the Advanced tab and turn of the Manual Recompute toggle.

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