Survey Point Properties

You can modify a number of properties for any survey point in the Survey Point Properties Dialog.

Points Manager

TraverTraverse View

Drawing View

COGO Dialogs

You can also edit the Survey Point Properties of COGO points you create in many of the COGO dialogs. Look for an Edit button next to a point label or Save button. The Edit button always displays the Survey Point Properties Dialog for the point you are creating.

Overriding the Point Symbol and Size

One of the more common reasons to edit the survey point properties is to override the point symbol, size and rotation. Once you have specified a point symbol, TPC uses that symbol in any drawing that access that survey point. You get consistent information across all drawings.

Using Point Codes to Set Survey Point Properties

You can use Point Codes to set the symbol and size of their corresponding survey points. Every survey point with a particular point code will then have the same symbol and size, giving your drawings a consistent look.

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