Tasks Manager

Tasks Manager The Tasks manager provides direct links that will help you learn to use TPC Desktop. Like Videos on Line and the Learning Guides.

Open a Survey

In addition to listing the surveys you've accessed most recently, this panel provides three survey folders you can use to store and access surveys.

My Surveys - this is your default survey folder. See Survey Files.

Shared Surveys - this is an alternate location, like a network file server, where you can share your TPC surveys with others in your office. See Survey Files.

Sample Surveys - this link gives you direct access to the sample surveys that ship with TPC. You will use this link as you work through the chapters in the learning guide or follow an on-line video. See Sample Surveys.

New Survey - this link begins the process of creating a new survey. See Starting a new survey

Format View... F9 - opens the Tasks Manager Format dialog where you can enable tooltips and change the format TPC uses to display file names.

Survey Information

When you create a survey, you can enter information about the client, job, location and your own survey company. The Tasks manager displays this information, helping you identify this survey when you open it in the future. This is a great way to make sure you have the correct survey.

This same information can also be included as variables in your drawing templates. The variable gets the information from the survey and displays it in the drawing automatically for you. You never have to add a job number or filename to a drawing again.

TPC License

This panel displays your license information including the current version of your program.

TPC On Line

Traverse PC provides on-line information about TPC Desktop via the internet. You'll need an active internet connection to use these links.

The first link is the current TPC version support page online. Use this link to look for the PDF driver, Hotfixes and other downloads and information related to your version of TPC.

The second link is Support On line. This will bring you to the Support page on the TPC website. This link comes in handy if you're having a technical issue.

The third link is Videos On line. This is a great link for those who want to watch some videos on things TPC can do.

The last link is TPC Website. This is a link that goes straight to the main page of the TPC website.

Getting Started

This panel provides links to resources that help you learn how to use TPC.

Introduction - this is a great place to get started with the built-in help topics. In addition to the Table of Contents, you'll find direct links to helpful topics.

There are more documents in the Getting Started panel that may be extremely helpful at some point.. Check them out if you have questions about TPC.

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