TRV and DRV Files

This technote explains the relationship between .TRV and .DRV files in TPC Desktop. This topic is obsolete in Version 2008 and later in which the drawings are stored in the TRV file.

TRV and DRV Files

Prior to Version 2008, Traverse PC Desktop stored drawings in a separate file with a DRV extension. If your TRV file is called "" your drawing file was called "job1.drv"

To set up your Windows Explorer to display these files

  • Start Windows Explorer.
  • Go to View | Folder Options | View tab or Tools | Folder Options | View tab.
  • Make sure Show all files or Show hidden files and folders is enabled.
  • Make sure Hide file extensions for known file types is not enabled.
  • Make sure Hide protected operating system files (recommended) is not enabled (if available).
  • Select OK when you have the appropriate settings.

If you have TPC files prior to Version 2008 that you want to send to someone else with Traverse PC Desktop for Windows and you want them to be able to access your drawings, you will need to send both the TRV and DRV files.

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