Our Mission:

At Traverse PC we’re focus on what surveyors and geospatial professionals do – every day.
Then we create software that meets those needs better than anyone else.
Three decades and twenty plus versions later, we’re still producing great software, with great support, at a great price.

Industries We Serve

Land Surveyors,

Whether you do meets and bounds or townships and sections, you’ll be right at home completing all your surveys with TPC Desktop. If a job walks in the door, TPC Desktop can help you do it.

Architects, Engineering, Construction

Our Convert to Survey tools catches the places where one CAD line doesn’t start where the last one ended as it converts drawings to data you can stake out in the field.

Developers, Planners, Assessors, Legal

TPC Desktop interfaces seamlessly with Google Earth, LandXML and GIS, giving you’re a world of options to move your plans forward. And our Plat Check tools make checking those plans a breeze.

Septic Design, Landscape, Municipalities

TPC Desktop is all about delivering plans that work whether those are CAD, GIS, PDF or LandXML based. Or plot directly from TPC Desktop and deliver them by hand.

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We Make Drawings Fast and Easy

With TPC Desktop™ from Traverse PC you create drawings faster. We’ve streamlined your workflows by creating naturally functioning software that’s built for surveyors needs – but with all the options you’ve come to expect from CAD and other design based programs.

Create Drawings Automatically

Import, upload or enter your data in the Traverse View and TPC Desktop creates your drawings automatically

The Quick View Solution™

Whether you just want a quick point plot or you need to draw up an entire subdivision, our Quick View™ technology delivers what CAD can only promise.

Each Traverse Can Draw Itself Using Drawing Settings

Using its own unique traverse drawing settings, choose point symbols, line types, labels, leaders, fills and more.

Fully CAD Compatible

Of course, TPC Desktop is compatible with CAD layers/blocks/etc. but really, traverses pretty much do it all without the hassles of CAD.

Export to CAD, PDF or Other Common Files

When you’re finished you can export your drawings into any CAD file format, PDFs, regular image files (like PNG or JPG), or any number of other formats.


Our software is built around survey data, like points, lines, traverses and surfaces. These are the things you understand, before you even use TPC Desktop. So stepping into Traverse PC is like stepping into your own world. You’ll feel right at home and just get to work.
And it only takes a few evenings or a weekend to teach yourself TPC Desktop. If you know how to use Windows, you can easily learn TPC.


Traverse PC is 100% independent, we aren’t tied to any hardware, software or tools. That means our software comes ready to function with the systems your already using. There’s no need to buy more equipment or change systems to use TPC Desktop!
Best of all, TPC Desktop is constantly being updated to communicate with new systems. So when you’re ready to upgrade we’ll be there for you.


TPC Desktop is fully CAD compatible, meaning you can import, export, view and edit CAD files. That makes Traverse PC the perfect solution for customers who don’t want to take the plunge and make the investment to buy and learn CAD.
And our Calibration tools make it easy to work with CAD files that aren’t on your survey grid.

Got Questions?

Get a customized walk-through of TPC Desktop’s features built around your needs. Schedule a personalized on-one-one with an expert from our Customer Success Team and have all you questions answered!
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The Power is in the Views

By building our software around what we call Views, we designed TPC Desktop to be the most agile desktop software available. Use the Surfaces View to manage surfaces, the Closure View to check closures, the Report View to generate reports – you get the point. Use just the views you need for the type of survey you’re doing. Best of all you can easily toggle between Views with the touch of a button.

Works Through the Same Phases You Do

Research, field work, deciding where to hang your hat, drawing your survey maps, and submitting deliverables. Traverse PC designed TPC Desktop to work through the same phases you do.

Mix-n-match Traverse Drawing Settings

Automatically generate +90% of any drawing. It doesn’t matter how fast your CAD routines are – this is faster.

Visible Data

Your data is always editable, so if you find a mistake, you can fix it without missing a beat.

Solves Conflicting Data Issues

TPC Desktop automates the drawing process and compares conflicting data, solving issues as you progress, saving you time and headache.

Free Training and Learning

TPC Desktop isn’t like CAD, where you’ll be 6 months down the road before you get good at it. In a couple of evenings or a weekend, you can learn TPC Desktop. People do it all the time, and so can you!

Free Training

Every subscription of TPC Desktop comes with TPC Connection FREE, which includes 1-on-1 support at no charge.

Learning Center

All our training tools in one convenient place. Short Workflow videos, Learning Guides, In-depth videos, User Forums, Manual inspired Help Topics, and more.

Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide which gets you quickly up to speed with TPC Desktop. Most users are using TPC Desktop within a few evenings or a weekend.

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