No CAD Zone


Do Surveyors Need an Alternative to CAD? : Traverse PC and its customers talk about the No CAD Zone  Tom Gibson in the November 2006 edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine

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Barry: Subdivision

The Overlook at Sugar Grove

We use Traverse PC for all maps that we produce, and have found the process of preparing a map to be much more efficient than using other programs. It’s also great to use the same program on the desktop as we use for data collection in the field. The cost is reasonable also, and we have found that the ability to share the maps with architects and engineers is very useful. Dan Barry, NY & PA Licensed Land Surveyor View PDF in post

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Stiles: Exhibit B

Stiles Exhibit B

I have been a Traverse PC user for over 10 years and I am completely satisfied with their surveying software. I can produce maps very quickly and of a quality that I am proud of.  Their software is easy to use and their technical support is outstanding. Leonard C. (Bus ) Stiles, Orange, CA View PDF in post

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Dave Terry

Dave has worked for PG&E for 29 years. He is currently Senior Inspector, directing and coordinating construction and planning surveys throughout California. He also coordinates and directs Diving Operations across PG&E ‘s service territory in lakes and waterways, both on and offshore . Dave Terry, Pacific Gas & Electric, Anderson, CA From Professional Surveyor Magazine, 2006 Q: How long have you used Traverse PC? A: 2 years. Q: What CAD software have you used in the past for surveying? A: Bentley MicroStation, MicroSurvey CAD. Q: What don’t you like about using CAD software for surveying? A: The uploading and processing of data in CAD is more labor intensive as is the learning curve to become proficient with the software. Downloading useful, efficient data for field work is likewise more labor intensive. Q: What do you like about using TPC’s No CAD Zone for surveying?

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