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Monthly archive for May 2012

eNewsletter: May 2012

President’s Message: “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies” – Mark’s Tech Corner: The Most Powerful COGO Tool – The Traverse View – Eric Tanikawa: On My Own! President’s Message: “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies” We found an article in the April 2012 Point of Beginning magazine that we thought was pretty amusing. It is on page 40 and its title is “SIMPLE Civil 3D Strategies”. In the article, the author describes five tips that “can help land surveyors more easily navigate the Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D landscape.” The first tip in the article is “Remember That Points Are 3D Objects”. Well, duh. Everything has three coordinate values in TPC (X, Y and Z) and always has (even if you aren’t using the Z coordinates). Why do we need to remember that? Oh, that’s right! We’re talking about AutoCAD here so 3D vs. 2D can be problematic. The tip talks

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