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Monthly archive for January 2013

eNewsletter: January 2013

President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2013 – Mark’s Tech Corner: Traverse View Formats – Redux – Eric Tanikawa: Surveying and Coaching Football President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2013 We hope to announce the release of TPC Desktop 2013 in a couple of months. It will be the first in a new series of agile releases. This is how software is delivered to your mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. And it’s how we plan to deliver TPC desktop starting this year. To that end, we spent 2012 re-writing TPC to be C++/11 compliant. We get a new standard like this about every 12 years and have moved Traverse PC through several of them already, but we like this one the best. It is all focused on smaller, tighter code. Again, this is all driven by mobile devices that for the first time, have less memory and

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