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Monthly archive for November 2013

eNewsletter: November 2013

President’s Message: Traverse PC Adds Windows Code Signing  –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Online Protection  –  Eric Tanikawa: BBQ that Bird!  – President’s Message: Traverse PC Adds Windows Code Signing TPC Desktop 2013 Release 1 (released 10/13) includes lots of new features, like adding curved text to hand drafted arcs and expanding spirals in legal descriptions, but here’s one you might not have expected – we added Windows Code Signing. Now when you install TPC Desktop, Windows Code Signing is the little box that pops up and says, “Do you want to install this software from a trusted source: Traverse PC?” We added Windows Code Signing for one reason – to make your interaction with Traverse PC more secure on the web and to do it proactively. Even though we ship a program CD with each new copy of TPC Desktop and each TPC Connection

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