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Monthly archive for March 2014

Anthony Failla

Traverse PC Desktop Tony Failla Map 1

My client needed a site plan to replace an existing composite deck with a new shelter between existing tennis courts. These projects are quite simple when you take advantage of the Layers capabilities included with Traverse PC. I am able to produce quality, color drawings that make a lasting impression on my clients. The days of black lines on white paper are a thing of the past! Thank you Traverse PC! Anthony Failla, RLS, Cummings GA I have also attached a PDF with the “aerial” layer turned on in case you want to demonstrate how easy it is to add images and reference them to the survey. With good control points, you can easily add many features that don’t require exact precision. This is a huge selling point for your software! How many times do we see a rodman shooting every point of traffic

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eNewsletter: March 2014

President’s Message: Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014  –  Mark’s Tech Corner: TPC Desktop 2014 is Out the Door  –  Eric Tanikawa: Ultimate Update Special  – President’s Message: Bruce Anderson Reviews TPC Desktop 2014 The February edition of Professional Surveyor Magazine includes a Software Review of TPC Desktop 2014 by Bruce Anderson, LS. Bruce is a long time user of TPC and did a great job talking about what makes TPC Desktop different and better than the other guys. Bruce just retired from his county surveyor position and brings his perspective as both a public and private surveyor to the article. I took an extra minute or two, as I read his article, and looked at the drawing he included. It’s pretty small, but it has Traverse PC written all over it. The title block, legend, scale bar, north arrow, border, etc. It’s all

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