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Monthly archive for August 2014

eNewsletter: August, 2014

eNewsletter – August, 2014 President’s Message: 27 Years –  Eric Tanikawa: Perfect Closure Chili – No Adjustment Required –  Oliver Bochsler: Keeping TPC Up-to-Date –  Mark’s Tech Corner: Windows 8, On-line Videos and More. President’s Message: 27 Years We started Traverse PC 27 years ago, in August, 1987. We kicked off TPC in a competitive field with the likes of Lietz, Boston Harbor, Universal, DCA, SMI, Pacsoft, Sierra Design and others. Some of you reading this newsletter owned those programs. I don’t know if you have fond memories of them or not (software is like that), but memories are probably all you have left of them. I have used a number of them, which is why we wrote Traverse PC. So now, 27 years later, most of them are gone and TPC is still around. We’re still working hard to win your confidence and

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