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Monthly archive for October 2014

Jack M Kesler RLS & USMS – Microsoft Surface Tablet Map in Chains

Jack M Kesler RLS & USMS - Microsoft Surface Tablet Map in Chains

“I have been doing many examples of published samples and some of my old work.  The PLSS portion will answer the bill for the BLM.  The latest effort was the Township boundary in the 73 Manual. “I am glad to say TPC has done an excellent job in working in chains and TPC works well on the tablet (Microsoft Surface with Windows 8.1) when you get used to the windows.  Attached is the “project” done in the tablet.  Don’t look too close as I imagine there are some mistakes and exclusions but it was again a learning tool.   I am very pleased with the results.  Now the GLO plats can be used for resolving issues.” Jack M Kesler RLS & USMS Kingman, AZ View a PDF

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eNewsletter: October, 2014

eNewsletter – October, 2014 President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2014 R2 on YouTube, Mark Lull: The TPC Forum, Oliver Bochsler: Traverse PC on Twitter, Eric Tanikawa: Traverse PC on Facebook and Social Media President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2014 R2 on YouTube We just released TPC Desktop 2014 R2 for our TPC Connection members. It includes a number of specific things you’ve asked for. You can check out some of them at We also put four new videos for this release on our YouTube channel – check them out on YouTube. One of the videos gives you a broad introduction to some of the new features.  The others dive into more detail on a specific feature of this release. And while you’re out on our YouTube channel, click on the Playlists button. It breaks the videos down into categories that help you locate the specific videos you want to watch, and it groups

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