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Monthly archive for January 2015

eNewsletter: January, 2015

eNewsletter – January, 2015 President’s Message:  Automatic Lot Setbacks, Mark Lull:  Edit Multiple Selected Objects, Oliver Bochsler:  Survey Point Properties, Eric Tanikawa:  “No Brainer!” President’s Message: Automatic Lot Setbacks TPC Desktop 2015 includes one of our most requested features – Automatic Lot Setbacks. Just tell TPC: What distances to use for Front/Side/Rear setbacks Which lot lines are Front/Side/Rear What line type and color to use and TPC does the rest. Sounds easy right? Well it is, and here’s why. We’ve explored a number of options for automatic lot setbacks, thinking we needed one tool to do it all. We would get so far then run into one of those “but what if…” situations and find ourselves back at the drawing board.  That’s when the light bulb went on. We’ve already used the COGO R-O-W Offset tool to generate setbacks for years, so let’s continue to

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