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Monthly archive for June 2015

Greg Spurlock – Greshan, OR

Attached is my 1st successful attempt at completing a complicated drawing totally within TPC.  Not that we could not make drawings in the past, just never could get the look I was seeking.   All of my past surveys have been resolved using TPC, but we had been finalizing in CAD.  Looks like we won’t be utilizing CAD programs any more for boundary mappings.   I estimate a significant cost savings looking forward. Greg Spurlock – Greshan, OR

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eNewsletter: June, 2015

eNewsletter – June, 2015 Very interesting article, “Mapping the Appalachian Trail” in the June issue of xyHt magazine. Long-time TPC users Chuck Sager and Joe Fuerst worked on this project. President’s Message: Update2015 Drop-Dead Update Offer, Mark Lull: Geo-referencing and KML, Oliver Bochsler: Multiple Survey Backups – How does it Work?, Eric Tanikawa: The Latest Recipe for Success – TPC Desktop 2015 R1 President’s Message: Update2015 Drop-Dead Update Offer We talk to TPC users everyday who are still using their 10+ year old version of TPC and love it. They know they are missing out on all the things we’ve included in the newer releases, but they are hesitant to update. We understand. That’s why we’re doing this drop-dead offer, Update2015. For $200 you can update your old copy of TPC to TPC Desktop 2015. Order your update on-line and you’ll receive a download link so you can get started right away. And if you want technical support, online training, printed Learning Guides, TPC Desktop 2015 R1 and

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John D. Lewis – Meadows of Dan, VA

“I worked almost 20 years for a large corporation that used Land Surveying software other than Traverse PC. I constantly had to attend classes to learn the software and every change with new additions and I decided that there had to be better software somewhere. I left that large corporation in 2001 to go into business as co-owner of Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping Inc. located in Meadows of Dan, VA and I hit the ground running with Traverse PC. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and it makes Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping Inc. look like the professionals that we are.” John D. Lewis – Meadows of Dan, VA

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