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Monthly archive for July 2015

eNewsletter: July, 2015

eNewsletter – July, 2015  President’s Message: Alaska Vacation, Mark Lull: KML and KMZ Files, Oliver Bochsler: Scaling Up for Larger Surveys, Eric Tanikawa: The “Ultimate” BBQ Tuna Steak Recipe (EDITED) President’s Message: Alaska Vacation ‘Nuff said. John Balcom, MSE, PLS, GISP Mark Lull: KML and KMZ Files I recently received an email from one of our CFedS Traverse PC users in Arizona about using KML and KMZ files (KMZ files are compressed versions of KML files) in Google Earth. This email was eye-opening for me. He sends his field crews out with a Google Earth file on their smart phones so they can launch the file in Google Earth as a tool to help them visually locate the areas they need to be in.  This gives them an interactive tool right there in the field.  This is invaluable to the field crews.  Once I

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James A. Coan Sr. PLS, CFedS – Renton, WA

I recently completed a complex survey involving several lots, easements, and rights of way using Traverse PC. My survey was pin to Washington State plane coordinate system North zone. Upon completion I created a KML file and brought it into Google Earth. I did this for two reasons; first, I wanted to look at my survey on Google Earth and check to see if there were any blunders that I could detect. By looking at my line work on top of Google Earth I could check for occupation lines or any blatant problems that my survey may have. I found it to be a good check. The second reason I made the KML file is to show my client where their property was. By superimposing the survey on Google Earth my client could see where the property was on a picture that they could

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