eNewsletter: January, 2016

January, 2016 eNewsletter

eNewsletter – January, 2016 President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2016 Videos, Mark Lull: Undo / Redo on Import, Oliver Bochsler: Relabel Points, Eric Tanikawa: Update your old Traverse PC   President’s Message: TPC Desktop 2016 Videos TPC Desktop 2016 shipped on Jan 12th. It has lots of new features, including the new CAD View. We think you’re really going to like it. If you are on the TPC Connection, you have already received an email with the download link and your new serial number and validation key. To help you get up and running with TPC Desktop 2016, we put together 14 videos on some of the new features. Most are just a few minutes long, cover one topic and don’t go into a lot of detail. Instead, they show you what’s new, where to find it and how to get started using it. We’ve included the

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