eNewsletter: March, 2016

Horizontal Line Fit

eNewsletter – March, 2016 John Balcom – Best Fit Line, Mark Lull – Learning Guides, Oliver Bochsler – Better By Design, Eric Tanikawa – TPC Connection Offer John Balcom: Best Fit Line TPC 2016 R1 includes a new Fit Horizontal Line routine. Tie any number of points that reference a line and TPC will create the best fit line using one of three methods. Least Squares – This is a minimally constrained solution, so the end point of the line can vary as needed to create the best fit. Once the line is computed, TPC computes the end points of the line so that they are as close a possible to the first and last selected points. Fixed Bearing – Compute the best fit line at a fixed bearing. If you are fitting a boundary line that is parallel to a road center line, this

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