Bob Holtkamp D.E.W.

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2007 – 2013 I’m working in the high Arctic on a project called the DEW Line Clean Up (DLCU). DEW is an acronym for Distant Early Warning systems. Which is a joint project of the Canadian and American military. When the Cold War began in the early 50’s we decided we needed some sort of protective warning system in case the Russians were to attack us from the North so we constructed a line of radar facilities in the high … Read More

eNewsletter: May, 2016

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eNewsletter – May, 2016  John Balcom – TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools, Eric Tanikawa – Did you Miss the Boat?, Oliver Bochsler – What Lies Between the Boundaries?, Mark Lull – Automatic Merging of Program Data John Balcom: TPC Desktop 2016 R1 Drawing Tools Last week was fun. I talked with a number of TPC users who said something to this effect, “I can’t tell you how much I enjoy doing my drawings in TPC”. They said it out … Read More