eNewsletter: June, 2016

Traverse PC eNewsletter - June, 2016

eNewsletter – June, 2016 John Balcom: The TPC Connection Is Evolving, Mark Lull: I Waited and Waited but now, I’m All In!, Oliver Bochsler: Window’s Shadow Copies, Eric Tanikawa: Grilled BBQ Teriyaki Chicken Thighs John Balcom: The TPC Connection Is Evolving It’s been a long time since we shipped a program CD with a TPC Connection renewal. Most folks just download the updates from our web site or use the automatic update feature that’s built into TPC. We have also been moving to online learning guides. You can still install them along with the program, but you don’t need to. By default, they open up online. This allows us to keep them up to date with all the agile release changes and add new ones like the Import / Export Learning Guide we just added. We’ve heard some good feedback from our users on

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