eNewsletter: July, 2016

eNewsletter – July, 2016  John Balcom: TPC’s Perpetual License vs Subscriptions, Eric Tanikawa: Yes We Do!, Oliver Bochsler: Turbocharging TPC, Mark Lull: Deleting Points John Balcom: TPC’s Perpetual License vs Subscriptions Here at Traverse PC, we are looking at moving some of our corporate data into the cloud. We sometimes work from remote locations, so cloud access would be convenient, but there are other reasons too, like not maintaining local servers, backups and IT expertise. We will probably end up with a hybrid system where some data is local and some is off-site. We’re just working on it now, so we don’t know yet where we will end up. We have selected a service provider and are negotiating the cost now. It’s a subscription. So each month we pay for the service we use, along with $300/mo for support. That’s what prompted this article

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