eNewsletter: October, 2016

Candice, Eric, Bruce

eNewsletter – October, 2016  John Balcom: Font Conversion, Mark Lull: Traverse Drawing Settings, Oliver Bochsler: TPC’s Hotlinks, Eric Tanikawa: Texas Visit and BBQ! John Balcom: Font Conversion We recently posted a hot fix to TPC Desktop 2016 R2 that had just one addition that a user needed to clean up a printer driver issue – Convert Fonts. Once you have the latest update to TPC Desktop 2016 R2, in the Drawing View, choose Tools | Convert Fonts and TPC will display a dialog that: Shows all the fonts used in the drawing and lets you select one in the From list All the text objects that use that font get delineated in the drawing so you can see what you will be changing. You can change the font used by all those items by selecting a different font in the To list. There is

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