eNewsletter: November, 2016

Font Context Menu

eNewsletter – November, 2016 John Balcom: Help When You Need It, Oliver Bochsler: New Font Tools, Mark Lull: Improving Workflow and Efficiency, Eric Tanikawa: New Subscription Options John Balcom: Help When You Need It Here at Traverse PC, we have been evaluating potential road blocks to learning and using TPC. Those moments when you have to break stride to figure out how and why TPC did or didn’t do something you thought it should or shouldn’t have done. We know these are inherent in any software, but we want to minimize them so you can work confidently and efficiently with TPC. We just added 187+ help topics for the pop-up message windows in TPC. These windows include a new Help button that opens a corresponding help topic. The help topics tell you why TPC did what it just did, how you might correct it

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