eNewsletter: February, 2017

Greg Clark, PLS & PE

eNewsletter – February, 2017 John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way, Mark Lull: I Told You So!, Oliver Bochsler: Leader Enhancements, Eric Tanikawa: Pennsylvania Visit and Chocolate! John Balcom: A Little Consistency Goes a Long Way We continue making TPC Desktop easier for you to learn and use. TPC Desktop 2017 (released January 30th, 2017) is no exception. It includes a number of changes implemented specifically with this goal in mind. Help When You Need It – Last November, before TPC Desktop 2017 was released, I told you about our new Help When You Need It. All the prompts that pop up and ask you to press Yes, No or Cancel, now include a help topic that explains why you got the warning and what to do about it. Before it was all done, we had added over 200 new help topics

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