eNewsletter: April, 2017

TPC Desktop 2017 R1 - New Point Symbols

eNewsletter – April, 2017 John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD, Mark Lull: Drawing View Enhancements, Oliver Bochsler: Convert to Survey in the CAD View, Eric Tanikawa: Real Land Surveyor’s Corn Bread (With Smoked Bacon) John Balcom: Another Surveyor Walks Away From CAD Last week, I was on the phone with Scott, a long time TPC user. He started the conversation with , “I’m not updating my CAD program. I’m now doing all my drawings in TPC”. The week before that, I was at a training session for some of our BLM users and asked if they were still using CAPD (their BLM drafting program) for their drawings. Several of them answered, “Nope, we’re doing all our plats in TPC”. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of TPC users have walked away from CAD. We hear the same story every day. Only

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