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Monthly archive for May 2018

Jack Kesler Trains BLM for Lode Mining Claims

I am a Mineral Surveyor and have been one for some time. The BLM retained me to teach BLM surveyors at the National training center in Phoenix the methods of dependent resurveys of Lode mining claims. I put the plat together as a demo for my talks and lectures on how to follow the notes. It also served as a lead in to why TPC is perfectly suited for surveyors of all types. The NTS training sessions were designed to explain how the original MS surveys were executed in reality to aid the BLM surveyors in their dependent resurveys. Most of the dependent surveys here in our county were done poorly with reference to compass rule relocation as opposed to the grant boundary method. I worked for a Mineral Surveyor while at the University of Arizona. I received my appointment in the early 1980’s.

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eNewsletter: May 2018

  Traverse PC Land Survey Software… From Your Point of View TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 is Now Available! Streamline Your Workflows We’re taking a fresh new approach to some of the things you do every day in order to streamline your workflows. Our goal is your goal – take a project from beginning to end as efficiently as possible. So whether you are writing legal descriptions, adding crows feet to a drawing, labeling curves and spirals or platting your next subdivision, TPC Desktop 2018 Release 1 will help you streamline your workflows because it works like you think. Technical Support Web Form – It’s FREE Need help using TPC?  Use our on-line Technical Support web form. It’s always available and it’s FREE. Just let us know who you are and how to contact you.  Then tell us how we can help and attach

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Anthony Cavell Explains Traverses

“Traverse PC is perhaps the most innovative survey/analysis/drawing software by NOT trying to innovate (change) how surveys are done! It uses data in groups, made logically as a surveyor thinks, called ‘TRAVERSES’. It increases the surveyor’s confidence, drawing accuracy, and in the end, productivity.” J. Anthony Cavell, PLS, CFedS, Baton Rouge, LA

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Patrick A. McGannon, Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

“To all of the staff at Traverse P.C. : I had to take a moment to thank you all, for the great new feature, Phrase Driven Legal Descriptions. This is the most powerful and complete legal description writing program, included with any survey software I have ever seen. The description writing feature is a real time saver and eliminates all of those annoying typographic errors. My time in preparing a legal description, in my own style, has decreased by over 70%. Once again thank you so much.” Patrick A. McGannon, Registered Professional Surveyor, Ohio

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Ben Yanez, RLS  – Globe, AZ

“Traverse PC is a great company to work with and they produce the best software for land surveyors. First, the software is made specifically for land surveying, organizing survey data such as points, traverses and drawings far better than any CAD program can do. The more complicated the project, the more Traverse PC software rises above the competition. Also, the customer service is outstanding. They are very responsive to customer input and also provide individualized help in using the software. The software is constantly being updated with new features. I cannot say enough good things about this company.” Ben Yanez, RLS  – Globe, AZ  

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