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ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys





ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys are defined on the ALTA web site

"For a survey of real property and the plat or map of the survey to be acceptable to a title insurance company for purposes of insuring title to said real property free and clear of survey matters (except those matters disclosed by the survey and indicated on the plat or map), certain specific and pertinent information shall be presented for the distinct and clear understanding between the client (insured), the title insurance company (insurer), and the surveyor (the person professionally responsible for the survey)."

Traverse PC Least Squares Network solution includes all the tools to satisfy the ALTA 2021 Minimum Standard and provides a report showing whether or not the boundary surveyed meets this minimum standard.

Typical ALTA Workflow

A typical ALTA workflow would be

Perform the field work with enough redundancy to create a good Least Squares network.

Solve the Least Squares network at a 95% confidence interval

In the new ALTA dialog

Select which of the 2021 Minimum Standard tests to run – you can do one or both

Select the traverse(s) to run the report(s) on

Generate a Least Squares report and include Relative Positional Precision

TPC will determine the selected traverse(s) pass or fail


ALTA Example

We’ve completed these workflow steps in the included ALTA Example in which our boundary traverse passed both ALTA tests.  See ALTA Example.


ALTA 2021 Sneak Peek (5:06)

Defining the Sequence of Boundary Corners to Test

By definition of the 2021 Minimum Standard, a sequence of boundary corners is tested for compliance.  Depending on the test, each adjacent corner or the courses between adjacent corners is tested. If all corners or courses pass their individual test, the boundary passes.

 In TPC, you define this boundary corner sequences in one or more traverses and select those traverses for testing.  See Defining an ALTA Boundary Traverse.


2021 Minimum Standard

TPC provides the tools necessary to perform a survey that meets the 2021 MINIMUM STANDARD DETAIL REQUIREMENTS FOR ALTA/NSPS LAND TITLE SURVEYS (effective February 23, 2011) as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.

See ALTA 2021 Minimum Standard.

ALTA Tools


You can create drawing templates that include all the required ALTA text.

ALTA.drt - this template includes many of the minimum drawing requirements such as north arrow, scale bar, etc. It also contains the certificate required if your survey precision complies with the minimum standard of 0.07 FT +/- 50 PPM. If the relative positional accuracy of your survey exceeds these limits, you can replace the certificate included in this template with the certificate found in the pre-defined ALTAExcd.dxf drawing object.


The program folder\Blocks\ALTA\ folder contains blocks you can insert into your drawing as part of the minimum requirement.

ALTACert.dxf - The certificate of compliance with the minimum standard. You will need to edit the text in this block for each survey. This certificate is already included in the ALTA.drt template.

ALTAExcd.dxf - The certificate of exceeding the minimum standard. You will need to edit the text in this block for each survey. If the relative positional accuracy of your survey exceeds the minimum limits, you can replace the certificate included in the ALTA.drt template with this block.

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