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The Drawing View displays the current drawing.

You'll like the things the Drawing View does for you, freeing you from tedious drawing and making life a little bit easier. See Using the Drawing View.


A survey can have any number of drawings. Each drawing includes the tagged traverses (Traverses Manager) and surfaces (Surfaces Manager) as well as any drawing objects you add like legends, north arrows and text. As the coordinates in the survey change, the drawing changes to reflect their positions. In other words, the drawing and the survey data are completely integrated or associated.

Including Traverses

To include a traverse in a drawing, you tag it in the Traverses Manager.

Each traverse can also create a temporary drawing, showing just the data in that traverse. From the Traverse View, you can toggle between the current drawing the the temporary drawing for the traverse.

Including Surfaces

You include surfaces in a drawing just like you include traverses - you tag them in the Surfaces Manager.

Understanding Drawings

There are lots of parts to a drawing. Learn about Survey Objects, Drawing Objects, Layers, Traverse Drawing Settings, Surface Settings and more.

Drawing View Toolbars

You can only add up to four additional toolbar buttons to any toolbar in the Drawing View. If you add more than four buttons to a toolbar, then the toolbar will reset and you'll be noticed in the Message View.

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