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Using emlid Point Codes





Emlid uses Point Codes much the same way TPC does.  They help you identify points an lines in the field that you want to plot a certain way in your drawings.

They are available in the emlid +Survey subscription.

Accessing emlid's Default Feature Codes in TPC

In TPC, choose Manage, Point Codes.  TPC displays the Point Code manager.

You can open an existing point code files, pull codes from survey points or enter your own codes.  See Point Codes Manager.

TPC includes the default feature codes available in emlid flow as of 7/23.  They are in the Emlid Feature Codes.pct file.

To see how TPC renders these emlid feature codes, see How TPC Renders emlid's Default Point Codes.

Accessing Point Codes in Emlid Flow

To access the Point Code library in Emlid Flow 360, expand Profiles in the upper right corner and choose My Code libraries.  You can select a library to use and also import TPC's codes for use with emlid.

Using Emlid Codes in TPC

When you import emlid CSV files into TPC, the emlid feature codes come into TPC as Attributes.  You can then tell TPC to look for Point Codes in the point Attributes instead of the point Description.

See Using Emlid Codes in TPC.

Doing More with Point Codes in TPC

Because emlid codes translate directly into TPC Point Codes, you can start doing some amazing things with your data inside TPC.  In the geospatial world, the term Field-To-Finish gets used a lot, but it is the magic of point codes as they turn your data into your drawings.

In TPC, you'll use Point Codes to

Creating Traverses From Point Codes

Setting Traverse Drawing Settings

Setting Survey Point Properties


Exporting Emlid Feature Codes

You can export TPC's point codes to a CSV file using emlid Feature Code Library format.  This file can then be imported into any of your point code lists in the emlid Point Code Library.

See Exporting Point Codes to Emlid.

Importing Emlid Feature Codes

Emlid flow does not currently have the ability to export any of its feature code lists.

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