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Working With Survey Files





In this chapter, you’ll learn how to save and open a survey file. We'll begin by explaining what a file is, then talk about how to use this section.

A file is a portion of a floppy disk or hard disk that stores some related information -- in this case, a survey. Each file is identified by a unique filename. We talk about files as being permanent, but they can be erased and overwritten, so we also talk about backing up a file (making a copy of a file using another unique filename). The file options that are built into TPC help you keep track of which file is which, so that you can keep a permanent record of all your work.

Files versus Memory

Files are separate from the computer's memory. As you enter data or modify the current survey in any way, those changes are taking place in the computer's memory -- not in a file. To store the changes you have made to a file you must save your work.

If you quit TPC or turn off your computer, the work you have done is gone -- unless you saved it to a file. As an example, if you recall a file into the computer's memory and them immediately append a second file to the computer's memory, the original files are unchanged. However, what is in the computer's memory is different from the original files.

TPC knows when the information in the computer's memory is different from what is in the original file. It also knows if a file has not yet been created to store the current work. In either case, TPC will warn you if you try to exit the program or recall another file, and will ask you if you want to save the current survey before continuing.

Survey File Paths and Names

Beginning in TPC Desktop 2011, TPC allows greater flexibility in paths and names. For example, TPC now correctly handles path names with periods (i.e. \Documents\FirstName.LastName\Surveys\  See Working with Names.

Starting a New Survey

You generally start a new survey for each new project, but you can also open an existing survey and save it as a new project.

Saving and Opening Existing Surveys

TPC has all the tools you expect to open, save and close existing surveys, including tools to manage all your most recently opened surveys.

Sharing your Survey Files with Others

You can share survey files which makes the files more portable.  See Sharing Surveys.

Appending a Survey/File

You can append another survey to the current survey.  See Appending Surveys.

Changing the Survey Folders

The default data directory tells TPC where to look for your files each time you start the program. Of course, you can always change disk drives and directories, but this feature can save you some valuable time each time you start TPC.  See Setting the Default Survey Folder.

Backing up Your TRV Files

TPC can create a backup survey file each time you save the survey. If you make a mistake in your survey that you can't recover from, you can simple open a recent backup and re-do the last few steps in your survey.  See Backing up Survey Files.

Locking Files over a Network

If two or more people are sharing files over a network, you may want to lock the file you load.  See Locking Survey Files.

Optimizing TPC for Large Surveys

Here are some tips to help TPC run faster for large surveys.

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