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This topic lists other resources you can use to help learn about geodetics.


TPC Desktop Geodetics: Introduction (13:18)

Learn how geodetics are used in project settings, traverses, COGO and drawings.

Learning Guide

Geodetics Learning Guide 

Learn how to survey on the ellipsoid or at ground distance in addition to the grid. The Geodetic Learning Guide is divided into chapters like Selecting a CRS (Coordinate Reference System), Project Factors, Geodetic COGO, Transformations and Geodetic Closure and Area.

Recorded Demos

CRS Part 1: Mixing Terrestrial and GNSS in a Survey (54:08) - Understand TPC's Coordinate Reference System (CRS)

CRS Part 2: Case Studies (46.04) - We look at two case studies.  1) Local Grid and Local Grid with GNSS

CRS Part 3: PLSS Survey (1:00:36) - We explore Grid vs Ground vs Geodetic with a sample PLSS survey.


TPC Desktop Geodetics: Introduction (13:18) - Learn how geodetics are used in project settings, traverses, COGO and drawings.

TPC Desktop Geodetics: Latitude and Longitude (10:07) - Learn where and how to use geodetic positions, scale factors and convergence angles.

TPC Desktop Geodetics: Distance and Direction (10:34) - See how grid distance and direction compare with geodetic distance and direction.

TPC Desktop Geodetic: Closure and Area (7:28) - Compute geodetic closures and areas in the Closure View, Traverses Manager and Drawings.

TPC Desktop Geodetics: COGO (2:54) - COGO routines are just as comfortable using geodetic positions as they are using grid coordinates.

Least Squares Modernization (5:27) - We've updated LSQ methods and terms.  Plus make it easier to mix GNSS and terrestrial (ground) observations.

Calibrate GPS Vectors (9:10) - Calibrate GPS/GNSS base station and vectors to your survey's Coordinate Reference System

Import GNSS To Local Site (8:53) - Import GNSS positions and use Site Calibration to calibrate them to local site coordinates

Geoid Models (4:42) - TPC Desktop now supports geoid modeling to compute elevations from ellipsoide heights and visa versa.

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Premium, Professional

Most of the geodetic tools used for Cadastral (PLSS) surveys are available in the Premium edition, but the PLSS sepcific tools for restoring lost corners are available only in the Professional edition.




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