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Converting an Existing Survey to GPS/GNSS





TPC can also convert your local (like 5000/5000) / State Plane / UTM survey to the CRS used by your GPS/GNSS equipment, as if you had started with that CRS.  Now everything is on the GPS/GNSS CRS.  See Calibrating Your Survey to GPS/GNSS.

This features has been expanded in TPC 2023 R1 (July 2023) to include raw data and drawings.  In addition, it removes any calibration reference, so your existing survey actually adopts the GPS/GNSS CRS as if it had originally been created there.


Local to GNSS Calibration Workflow (3:44) - Tie GNSS points in the field then calibrate a local survey to GNSS.


Convert Local to GNSS CRS (26:17) - We show you how to convert an existing survey from local grid to GNSS CRS so you can do stakeout.

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