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This topic will introduce you to how TPC imports and manages GNSS data (observations).

Importing GNSS Data

TPC imports raw GNSS data from data collectors and GNSS CSV files.  This data creates the geodetic positions of the imported points and in the case of CSV files, creates raw GNSS observations.  See Imported GPS/GNSS Data.

Storing GNSS Data

Imported GNSS positions are stored with the points they create.  So an imported point G100 will hold the geodetic position for that point and the survey's CRS will be used to computed the corresponding coordinates.  Individual GNSS observations are stored as raw data in a traverse. See How TPC Stores GPS/GNSS Data.

Accepting or Rejecting GNSS Data

Individual GNSS observations can be accepted or rejected based on their RMS and PDOP values.  This is particularly helpful for rejecting outliers when computing GNSS averages. See Accepting and Rejecting GPS/GNSS Observations.

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