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Exporting GPS/GNSS





TPC can export survey points as geodetic positions (latitude, longitude, ellipsoide height) that can then be used by your GPS/GNSS equipment.

Selecting an Export Filter

To export a GPS/GNSS you must select a corresponding filter in the File, Export dialog.

These filters define the GPS/GNSS data being exported and must match the format used by the GPS/GNSS equipment or app you are exporting to.


Exporting Geodetic Positions

As a rule, you will export geodetic positions to GPS/GNSS.  See Using Geodetic Positions.

Exporting Coordinates

You can include coordinates, but these are generally ancillary to the geodetic positions.

If your coordinates are local coordinates, like 5000/5000, that are not on a CRS, you still export them to GPS/GNSS via TPC's Site Calibration.

Viewing Exported GPS/GNSS Data

When you export local coordinates to GPS/GNSS, you may want a report of what got exported.  You can do this by turning on the [x] Details toggle in the Export dialog.

See Viewing Exported GPS/GNSS Data.

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