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Importing GPS/GNSS





TPC can import GPS/GNSS points and use them just like any other point. 

Selecting an Import Filter

To import a GPS/GNSS you must select a corresponding filter in the File, Import dialog.  These filters define the GPS/GNSS data being provided.


Selecting a CRS

GPS/GNSS data includes geodetic positions (latitude / longitude / ellipsoid height) but can also include coordinate (northing / easting / elevation). 

If coordinates are included, they are based on a coordinate reference system.  In order for TPC to derive the same coordinate values from the imported geodetic positions, TPC must use the same coordinate reference system.

Using the Import Dialog

To import GPS/GNSS data, choose File | Import from the TPC Desktop menu.  Then select any one of the GPS/GNSS filters provided.

See Importing Survey Data.

Viewing Imported GPS/GNSS Data

When you import GPS/GNSS points, you can get a detailed report of what is imported and what TPC does with it.

See Viewing Imported GPS/GNSS Data.


GPS/GNSS data can include either a geodetic position, a coordinate position based on some CRS, or both.

In addition, other data like RMS (Root Mean Squared), PDOP (Degradation of Precision), etc. may be available, depending on the GPS/GNSS data provider.

See GPS/GNSS Data.

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